Monday, August 4, 2008

Road Map For Bangalore Traffic Optimization Initiative

The First Step is to set the goals both long and short term

The enthusiasm shown in Praja postings on Bangalore traffic was excellent. However there is every chance of not making any progress if we collectively do not agree and quantify to what are our:
  1. Objectives/goals
  2. Constraints
  3. The methodology of solution.
These are simple issues which can be sorted out by public debate. The execution, onthe other hand has several pit falls like
  1. Making a proposal plan publicly transparent
  2. Objections and impediments by vested interests.
  3. Opportunism by not so selfless people in different walks of life.
  4. etc.
  5. etc.

Let us first agree to what we mean by "The ideal Bangalore Traffic". To start the ball rolling,The ideal Bangalore Traffic means:

  1. The daily consumption of transport fuel (carbon foot print) should be the minimum.
  2. The total daily time of all the commuters in Bangalore should be the minimum.
  3. The cost of implementing a master plan should also be the minimum.
  4. Traffic hazards should be eliminated

Obviously there may not be one single solution for this problem. We can only have a set of "seemingly" best solutions. We can then choose any one from the available candidate solutions.
Your vote in this regard as shown along side at the top of this post, will be of valuble.
Happy Voting!

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Wife &  Me in Hyderabad, India August 18, 2005
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