Friday, November 21, 2008

A revisit to an ideal Traffic flow concept

The guest may like to visit an earlier post of mine on Human Blood Circulation to guess what I am referring to as an ideal traffic flow. Taking the Human Blood circulation as an analogy, here we would like to obtain an uninterrupted flow of traffic devoid of any crossing. However we will restrict it to only the Arterial Road Network in the city of Bangalore and not to the entire road network, which may not be necessary, in practice.

The concepts are
1. One way Traffic is

a. ideal for connectivity
b. Efficient to manage
c. The inherent irritation is a manifestation of being unorganized.
d. Etc…..

2. Two way Traffic is

a. Inefficient for Connectivity
b. In efficient to manage
c. More Dangerous to Pedestrians to cross
d. Good for use inside communities
d. Etc…..

3. Business, Residential and Rural Communities Integration

a. Communities should be sized optimally on availability of suitable land for use
b. Existing Rural Communities should be developed “positively” not “intrusively”
c. Asian Communities in general and Indian Communities in particular are having an unfair population density and harsh economic conditions.
d. Etc....

4. Restrict access to the Arterial roads to an optimum level

a. Minimum one access per Arterial road
b. More for justifiable reasons
c. The basic concept being developed is that

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