Sunday, July 26, 2009

On line Wiki Communities

Wiki communities

WIKI is an acronym defined as "What I Know Is". By definition WIKI is a collaborative website whose content can be created by a collaborative effort of a community. There can be a hierarchy of increasing rights to perform different levels of controlling content and its effective delivery etc. This hierarchy can be visualized as tree structure with root having the controlling share holding. Software which facilitates such open hierarchical editing tree structure is called Wiki technology [from Hawaiian Wiki-Wiki quick] Wikipedia for example is an online collaborative encyclopedia with absolute controls with Mr. [?].

Online groups of people with interest in intellectual pursuits of any kind single or multiple which are inherently binding in nature, with no considerations for monetary gains can form Wiki communities. Praja, Flicker, Face book and India together for example are some of the Wiki communities. These communities in tern can generate soft online material like photos in Flicker, Personalities in face book, which could be shared easily. The names of these communities are innovative enough to capture the essence of their presence on the internet.

India together is a online Magazine with an exclusive editorial board for Internet empowered Concerned Citizens of India Providing (1) in depth Information about public Interest matters and (2) live Understanding of Social, political and Policy matters as well.(3) Facilitating the Sharing of Expert knowledge towards above. Mass media cannot allocate much space for depth because advertisement revenue is the key. Commercial media primarily provide news of a perceived immediate utility for a mass audience. Common denomination is mass interest. While the inherent driving motivation for WIKI communities are intellectual.

Praja community is an Indian citizen centric community extending to all of the Indian cities.

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