Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flourishing Travel Business of Bangalore

Vishwanath is the son of Satya a Driver at ADE a DRDO organization. I should know Satya as I was at ADE for 26 years till I retired in 2003. Vishwanath a Tall well built man of 29 years is engaged to get married shortly in November 2009. He is a very satisfied person in life with his travel business. He has a regular contract with CISCO. CISCO offices are at Ring road Devabisana halli, near Intel Offices.

Satya the Father of Vishwanath is an introvert indulging in occasional drinking. Vishwanath shuns drinking. However Vishwanath has the smoking habit. I could not resist my temptation to advice Vishwanath to quit smoking in favor of occasional drinking. Vishwanath promised to come and tell me shortly about his quitting the smoking habit. However he is avers to drinking habit due to the bad experience of his father.

The secret of Vishwanath happiness is his travel business which is flourishing well. He owns a Quails apart from the present Innova which will be his in 2 years when the loan on it will get cleared. The current recession is a reality evident to Vishwanath. However we both agreed that better days are ahead after the current recession. Vishwanath has the ambition of owning a bus and setting up a travel business of his own.

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