Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dr. Baidya a Refugee from Bangla Desh

He came to India at the time of partition in 1947. In the past 62 odd years he has spent a useful and satisfied life in Independent India. He will be 70 years on 19th November This year. He is a renowned social activist, who enjoys marriage counseling as a past time.

Dr. Baidya joined IFS and did work with Dr. MS Swaminathan at Shastri bhavan as a Director. He has visited several countries during his studies while in IFS. Currently he stays at his own house in Defense colony. In IFS he availed of all opportunities for acquiring more and more knowledge and a string of Phd degrees.

Environment was a hot subject of this venerable man and continues to be so even at 70. He has known Suresh Heblikar (Film actor director) and also Dr. Devishetty the renowned Heart Specialist. Dr. Shety who is famous for his many successful operations had a few failures too. This is no reflection on his genius.

Dr. Baidya as a conserver of Forests had close brushes with Veerappan. However he lost one of his deputies Mr. Srinivasan. The IFS officer feels many of us talk about environment a lot but practice precious little.

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